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All the content on this website is, and will always be, free (as in freedom).

This site doesn't run any ads, non-freedom respecting javascript applets or any other malicious software.

If you regularly enjoy this content and would like me to continue sharing my thoughts and worldviews in an unbiased, uncensored manner, please consider donating.

I accept donations in the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Monero (XMR), which you can send on the following address:

  • Monero 46uDtbN2gj94QCBcKmu2pTgWjybi3E9hJ2R8xmrbjUYgEoFiGf4mMBJWE4y1x1v6CzHD19ea9gAPHKRwBrWRMNXSAkWmjde

  • Donations are also accepted in Bitcoin and Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) at the corresponding addresses:

  • Bitcoin 1L6s6bVxRqymYiMBY9jchA7wwpd7xJWt5w
  • BAT 0xf991039e365c1e1970cf85ee4DEf09AF8bD65922

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