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IRL Contacts

Daniel Tsvetkov - https://pi2.dev - FOSS, self-hosting, science and astronomy.
Chavdar Dutsov - https://physica.dev/ - Fellow PhD candidate, pationate about biking, hiking and cool stuff.
Simona Grigorova - https://simona.icu - My (ex)girlfriend's personal website. Defunct


Luke Smith - https://lukesmith.xyz - Based video creator and 30-year-old boomer.

Why is this page here?

Social media is big cringe! Here are some links
to people I like so you can check their websites out! Who needs social media when you have your own website!

It goes without saying that whilst I like these people, I don't agree with them on all topics, nor do I share or care about all of their personal values.

If you want to build your own webpage but don't know how you can follow the excellent tutorials on Landchad.net Landchad.net - tutorials for websites

If you wish to link to my site, you can use this (very ugly) banner