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I bought a keyboard!

Published on Monday, 24 January, 2022

I guess the title is self explanatory - I bought myself a keyboard! More precisely, I'm not a proud owner of a Casio CT-X700.

Honestly, I'm quite impressed - it's a sturdy and reliable instrument that for sure will get a lot of millage. I've always wanted to be able to play the piano at least to some extent and this is a cool new step in that direction. Previously, I've used my trusty M-Audio Code 25 for music production and it's amazing but with only 25 keys you'll be hard-pressed to try and play any classical piece for example.

So yeah, I'm happy with this late Christmas gift. It combines well with the present I received from my girlfriends (a guitar stool which now doubles as a keyboard stool as well) and takes me a step further along my musical journey. Hopefully that will result in more music being produced soon, but I make no promises.

Finally, I've decided on a piece I' trying to learn - a famous minuet originally attributed to J.S.Bach. It's short and sweet and, with some practice, within my capabilities.

So this is it for now - I'll keep you posted!