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Searx - host your own (meta)-search engine!

Published on Saturday, 20 June, 2020


You care about privacy. Everybody does. But privacy comes at a price when it comes to using the Internet. Take search engines for example - we all know that Big Tech corporations use and filter your results in order to get you to buy more products (or if you want to be sinister about it - to push their political and sociological agenda). We know "Google = Bad" or at least "Google = No Privacy" but even if you take a search engine like DuckDuckGo, which claims not to store or filter any information...you have to take their word for it. And, at least for me, that sucks.

Here is where Searx (pronounced Sɜːrks) comes in. Searx is a FOSS internet metasearch engine which aggregates results from more than 70 search services. And most importantly - you can host your own instance on your own server. Or you can run it in localhost. Or you can use one of dozens publicly hosted instances. No tracking, no profiling, no Big Tech trying to sell you different types of laundry detergent. I strongly urge everyone to go and try it for themselves.

Searx is also well equipped - it comes with support for a lot of stuff including a Open Access DOI resolver to SciHub so you can easily get around pay-walled scientific articles.

Here are some links:

Github page - https://github.com/asciimoo/searx
Documentation - https://asciimoo.github.io/searx

List of public Searx instances - https://searx.space

Moreover, I've hosted a searx instance on this very server! I've used it everyday for the last week and it's honestly pretty darn good. If you wish, you can try it out as well - it's hosted on /searx, meaning:


Feel free to use it! Provided that it doesn't use too much bandwidth, it will stay up for the foreseeable feature. Actually, it would be better if it's used by more than one person as that will make it harder to get profiled by the search engines.