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Agricola - нова (за мен) игра

Published on Sunday, 07 March, 2021

Agricola is a weird game. At first there seems to be a lot of wanky and janky rules getting in the way of the theme, a lot of setup, a lot of doing nothing and pushing cubes. And then all of a sudden the game's over you tally up your score and it's...3 points. I think that was the point I realised I really enjoyed Agricola.

In this game you just don't have the time to do all you want to do - not only are you competing with your opponents but also with time yourself. Each badly spent action is points lost at the end that you just can't afford. That time you took the wood pile that you didn't need instead of plowing a field? Well that cost you 2 points. That time you got greedy and the got screwed out of picking up the food on the fishing tile? -3 points for you! Every single action has it's consequences. And I honestly love that.

Other than that it's just a very well balanced game that has stood the test of time. It's a deep strategic game that doesn't take that long (even if it still takes 90 minutes, I think that's not too much for a big game) and is void of that all familiar big-game syndrome of 'the first 15 minutes are just build up'. As a bonus, player turns are fairly quick due to it being a worker placement game, so you won't be in the position of waiting 20 minutes between turns (something that games like the Game of Thrones board game are hilariously bad at).

All in all, I love this game. It has instantly become one of my top 10 games I've ever played and I am sure that I'll stay a part of my collection and make regular appearances on the table.

Score : 85/100