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arXget - a small bash script to download papers from arXiv

Published on Wednesday, 01 July, 2020


I, like many others, use arXiv.org everyday to stay up to date with works in my field. And whilst arXiv.org is a fairly robust site, downloading papers is most of the time quite involving - you have to click on a couple of links and then download a pdf with a title corresponding to the numeric id of the article - something that is not very useful when you have a directory containing a lot of papers.

That's why I decided to automate my arXiv download process. I wrote a simple bash script that takes arXiv id's as input and then downloads the corresponding articles neatly in a directory that corresponds to the current month:

arXget in action

You can view/download the script from my github page: https://github.com/HallowDance/arXget

P.S. I was told that something similar exists - scihub2pdf. Whilst scihub2pdf is a powerful tool which allows downloading form multiple sites (arXiv, scihub and others) it's not really minimal software. arXget uses only the GNU core utils and is 16 lines of code. So, if you only use arXiv.org, I do believe my simple script to be superior.