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My Digital Drawing Adventures

Published on Sunday, 29 August, 2021

Recently the amazing drawings by my friend Chavdar at Physica.dev motivated me to try digital art for the first time in my life. I was never a drawing person although as I kid I had stacks upon stacks of drawing of dinosaurs, spacecraft and space station and action heroes. I was never actually good though.

So, it's to no surprise that I am still pretty bad, even with the assistance of the computer. After a week or so of playing around, here are my best results:

A very spooooopy castle:

A cute stegosaurus:

The best super-hero in existence:

A bad attempt at a landscape drawing:

All of the "art" above was made in Krita - an awesome FOSS painting program using an fairly old Wacom Bamboo graphical tablet. Honestly, it's great fun and a very relaxing yet fulfilling way of spending an hour or two in the evening.

P.S. All the images here are licensed under CC-BY-SA, meaning that you can distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format, so long as attribution is given to the creator. The license allows for commercial use. If you remix, adapt, or build upon the material, you must license the modified material under identical terms.